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How to buy our flooring.

Email your measurements or questions to info@timberandbeam.com

Call 918-599-0338 with your measurements or questions.

Don't worry if all you have is an idea! Email or call us and we can make it happen!

How to measure for how much flooring you will need.

Measuring for wood floors is easy! You simply need to measure the length and width of your room and multiply those numbers. A 10' by 10' room is 100 square feet. Square up foyers and hallways then measure and add those to your total. Or use this handy flooring calculator and guide.

How our pricing works.

We price our flooring by the square foot. Our flooring has different prices per square foot depending on Size, Species, Finish and Scarcity. We also work with the best wood floor installers across the country for a premium fit and finish. We are happy to talk to you about your project and pricing. Call us today!

There is no better way to showcase a project than with reclaimed flooring cut from antique beams and siding. Flooring can be milled from beams or dimensional lumber or made from sanded antique siding, planks and interior brown board. For an authentic look for a home office, kitchen or foyer, original surface flooring from hayloft floors can be restored and used as is. Reclaimed dimensional lumber is typically 2x and 3x sizes used in ceilings and walls of old barns and structures are typically a mix of oak, fir, and heart pine with beautiful character and ring patters. This material can provide an entire project with trim, cabinet wood, door and window frames, furniture and counter surfaces, and more