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How to buy our mantels.

Email your measurements or questions to

Call 918-599-0338 with your measurements or questions.

Don't worry if all you have is an idea! Email or call us and we can make it happen!

How to measure for how much material you will need.

Measuring for a custom mantel is easy! We recommend you take blue painters tape and mark out the area above your fireplace where the mantel will go. It's a great way to see what it will look like visually. Then call us with those measurements and let's get to work!

How our pricing works.

We price our mantels by the size. As the dimensions increase, the price increases as well. This is because larger beams are much more rare than smaller ones. Our installation services are available and recommended on custom mantels. We are happy to talk to you or your contractor about your project and pricing. Call us today!

Replacing your living rooms mantel with one from Timber and Beam is a easy way to add an amazing focal point to your space. We specialize in creating and installing custom mantels to fit any size and almost any budget. We also can make any style of mantel you wish from modern to rustic! We do prefer to install our mantels but we can help guide you though the process. Please see above on how to measure and inquire about our custom mantels!